Pathway On Maggie To Support Hundreds Of Jobs


Pathway On Maggie To Support Hundreds Of Jobs Instagram @dantravel90

A new concrete pathway will be built along Nelly Bay Road thanks a Works for Queensland (W4Q) partnership between the Townsville City Council and the Queensland Government.

Almost 400 jobs will be created for the construction of the pathway on beautiful Maggie Island.

The three metre wide path will run from X Base to Yates St at Nelly Bay which will offer walkers, cyclists and parents a safer option on Nelly Bay road.

The project is part of the $21.8 million council has received from the Queensland Government to deliver 51 projects through the Works for Queensland program.

Member for Townsville Scott Stewart said Townsville City Council estimated that their projects would support 376 local jobs.

“These are the kind of great community infrastructure projects that Works for Queensland is making possible right across the state, delivering jobs and stimulating the local economy,” Mr Stewart said.

“The Nelly Bay pathway project alone has received more than $1.77 million from the program.”

The works should be finished by November.