Meet the RSPCA Volunteer Who Has Reached A Milestone

What a big heart she has!

Meet the RSPCA Volunteer Who Has Reached A Milestone

We all love seeing the excitement of a dog, hearing the purr of a cat, watching the clumsiness of a puppy...but there's a lady in town who probably loves animals even more than you. 

Meet Sharon McGarry...

Sharon volunteers at the Townsville RSPCA Shelter and says it's the best decision she's ever made.

"I volunteer in the cat adoptions which I find very fulfilling knowing I am helping that little bit more and I’m also learning a lot more," says Sharon. 

Her love of animals doesn't stop there, Sharon actually has quite an impressive milestone on her resume.

She has attended the Million Paws Walk for more than 20 years! 

"I love being a part of the event as it brings people together along with their wonderful furbabies."

"I like that it reaches out to people which helps raise awareness of what the RSPCA does in trying to stamp out cruelty to animals." 

"My neighbour’s little girl has been coming with me since she was 5 and this year she will be bringing her own dog as well, this is something that Tessa really looks forward to every year and more so this year."

If you'd like to join Sharon at the Million Paws Walk (you don't have to have a dog to do the walk) you can register here