Marriage Equality Message Turns Personal In Townsville

Something to think about...

Marriage Equality Message Turns Personal In Townsville Same Sex Marriages Brisbane

The Townsville Rally for Rights was on at the Soverign Hotel on Tuesday night and there's a strong message the Ralliers want you to hear. 

Peter Black of Marriage Equality Queensland spoke to the crowd with the key message that it's not what you're voting for, but who

“This campaign will be about personal stories because when people share why Marriage Equality matters to them, it can be really touching for people," said Peter. 

More than 110 people attended the Rally to show their support. 


"We want people when they end up casting their vote in this survey to think not about what they’re voting for, but who they’re voting for," continued Peter. 

Speaking from personal experience as a gay man, Peter shared the struggle of gaining parental support, however his own mother has told him she’ll be voting yes because she knows how much it matters to him.

“Once people realise that it affects people that they know that might be in their family, or that they work with, or is in their sports club, or whatever it may be, it makes it that much harder then to look at that person and say ‘no, I don’t want you to have the same rights that I do’," said Peter. 

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