Lost Horse Becomes ‘Community Mascot’ In Bluewater

Locals are giving it TLC

Lost Horse Becomes ‘Community Mascot’ In Bluewater Facebook Bluewater Community Association

The Bluewater community have come together to care for a frightened horse over the past 10 days.  

Local woman Darla Astill noticed the startled boy on Forestry Road on February 16, running towards the very busy Bruce Highway. 

After an hour of trying to capture the horse, Darla was able to lead it to a safer area and began the search for it's owner. 

However after soaking social media with photos of the horse and scanning for a chip, there have been no successful leads. 

The horse has had loads of love and attention in the mean time, with locals crowning him a Bluewater mascot. 

Residents in the area have come together to make sure the horse has sufficient feed, grooming, and medical treatment taking care of. 

Bluewater Community Centre president Ian Pople says the community spirit has been incredible.

But the black beauty needs a name! Suggestions so far are:



If you have any leads on where he came from, get in touch with the Bluewater News Facebook page.