Increase In Cruise Ships Heading To Townsville

Plenty visitors are on the way

Increase In Cruise Ships Heading To Townsville

More people are getting a taste of Townsville as our sunny City becomes a growing hub for cruise ships to stop in.

There are 21 ships booked to visit Townsville in 2018, 8 more than in 2017.

But the love doesn’t stop there, as more and more Townsvillians are picking cruises as their holiday of choice. 

We spoke to our resident cruise lover, Hit 103.1’s Cliffo on why he’s all about the smooth sailing. 

So why the cruise?

"I love cruising cos it’s all inclusive. You get your accommodation, your food and your entertainment bundled into the one price. It’s the best value for money international travel there is." 

Cruise ships are so decked out these days, what’s the coolest thing you’ve experienced on board?

"I did a tour of the “Pacific Jewel” and it was the best thing I’ve ever done. I went up to the Captains cockpit, down to the engine room and behind the scenes to the kitchens to see where all the food is stored and prepared. That was the best thing I’ve done, it was incredible."

Where have you been and where’s next?

"I’ve mainly done the Pacific Islands around Australia, but I’d love to do one of the European cruises. It’d be amazing to hop on a cruise ship in Italy then you wake up in Spain or Portugal."