Iggy Park's Historic Link To Origin Game 1

They broke a record last night!

Iggy Park's Historic Link To Origin Game 1 Instagram @qldmaroons

State of Origin Game 1 has made it's way into the Iggy Park historic books, for a very excited reason! 

On Wednesday, June 6 a record number of former Iggy boys were involved in Game 1 at the MCG. 

Valentine Holmes, Michael Morgan, Coen Hess, and Kalyn Ponga all studied at the rugby league proud school and were all part of the Queensland squad for Game 1.

On top of that in the Queensland U18s side, ex-Iggy boy McKenzie Baker played in the Curtain Raiser ahead of the main game! 

The final score of Game 1 was 22-12 to NSW, the teams will meet again on Sunday, June 24 at Sydney's ANZ Stadium. 

Congrats to all the local lads for creating a new record for Iggy!