How The Codeine Ban Will Impact Townsville Pharmacies

The changes are in place

How The Codeine Ban Will Impact Townsville Pharmacies

Gone are the days of going down to the chemist to pick up medication over the counter that contains Codeine. 

From February 1 the rule is that you must have a prescription from a doctor to obtain meds with Codeine. 

The pain killer can cause opioid tolerance, dependence, addiction, poisoning and in high doses, even death.

Regular use of medicines containing Codeine, for example for chronic pain, has led to some consumers becoming addicted to codeine without realising it. 

Local Pharmacist Ash Agaibey says that it's a great decision for the community. 

"From a community perspective it is good, because it's controlling the Codeine abuse," says Ash. 

"But it is going to cost Pharmacies and Medicare more."

The changes which are in place now mean that Ash's staff will no long be able to hand over the popular pain killer unless the customer has a prescription from a doctor.

Ash says there were circumstances before February 1 where customers were trying to purchase as much Codeine as they could, knowing the restrictions were coming. 

"Their records are being controlled by a medical assist program, so we decide to give or not to give, to the customer based on their history," explains Ash. 

Staff at Pharmacies across town have been trained in the changes and will know how to handle customer queries. 

For more information, see the Codeine Information Hub.