Criterion Hotel To Be Demolished

Bye Bye Cri

Criterion Hotel To Be Demolished

Townsville City Council Chief Executive Officer Adele Young has provided preliminary approval for The Hive mixed-use development on the Strand. The new precinct will include a hotel, residential apartments, commercial office space and an education centre. But with the start of one thing comes an end to another. The demolition of The Criterion Hotel has been approved as part of the build but cannot proceed until all permits and planning approvals have been granted. Conditions have also been included to preserve any historical artefacts found on the site by mandating an archaeological survey.

Steve Mitchell of Townsville band King Social told #thisistownsville “As a band we used the upstairs bar as our practice space for a while. The Cri was the first place I ever saw a wet tee comp. God bless the place”

Cliffo & Loggy discussed the demolition on-air with Cliffo sharing some fond memories of the old girl. Hear the chat below:

The Hive estimates the project would create 1,800 jobs during construction over a 10-year period, and after completion 690 full time positions would be created along with some 800 casual positions.