Christmas Tips For Townsville Pet Owners

These will be handy!

Christmas Tips For Townsville Pet Owners

Christmas Day is just around the corner and at this stage it's looking to be warm with the chance of rain (yay!), mix that with the commotion of present opening, visitors, music, chatter etc, it's important to consider our pets this Sunday. 

If you follow these tips you should have a stress free experience for your pets across the festive season. 

Christmas Tips for Pet Owners:

  • If you think your dog may be overwhelmed with lots of new people, give them time away from the action and offer a yummy chew or filled enrichment toy.
  • Do you have a crate or suitable area for your dog to wind down? Even the most social of dogs will need a break from the activity.
  • Assign an adult (not involved in supervising children) to be in charge of your dog if you can’t be – being sure they look out for signs of stress.
  • Do not allow children to hug or kiss your dog. Dogs do not like hugs and kisses! Even a dog who tolerates this under normal circumstances, may not tolerate this from strangers.

What to do if your dog is stressed:

If your dog licks their lips, shows the whites of their eyes or turns their head away when a child or adult is patting them, intervene immediately. These are just a few signals dogs show when they are stressed. Other signs that your dog does not welcome attention from children or adults include:

  • The dog tries to walk away or tries to hide under furniture.
  • The dog freezes and becomes very still with their mouth closed. They may be staring intently at the person bothering them and may growl.
  • The dog growls or raises fur along their back.

Foods that are toxic to you cats and dogs:

  • cooked bones, onions, garlic, sauces, chocolate, caffeine, nuts, avocado, raisins, sultanas (including Christmas cake), fatty and preserved meats.

If in doubt, keep your pet on their usual diet.

For more tips get in touch with the Townsville RSPCA 4774 5130.