You Can Now Zip Line Over The City Of Sydney

Scared or interested?

You Can Now Zip Line Over The City Of Sydney

Image Credit: AMP Foundation Big Zipper

Have you ever wanted to be a free as a bird… well, now is your chance… you can be a bird of the city.

The AMP Foundation Big Zipper is a brand new event, which consists of you zip lining from building to building across the city with in an impressive 75-metre vertical drop.

You will be travelling ten metres a second… scared or interested?

We are still unsure…

That is 36-km per hour.

The buildings you’ll be flying between are AMP’s two skyscrapers at Circular Quay.

There is one catch if you do wanna give it a try… you have to fundraise at least $5,000 for charity.

Which is totally worth it!

The AMP Foundation Big Zipper will be taking place on October 20-21 and registrations are open now.

Your chosen charity must be for one of 15 AMP Foundation charity partners, which are: the Brotherhood of St Laurence; Cancer Council NSW; Clontarf Foundation; CREATE Foundation; Ganbina, Social Ventures Australia; the Funding Network Australia; First Australians Capital; Global Sisters; STREAT; the Conversation; the Stroke Association of Victoria; Vanguard Laundry Services; and Wesley Mission.

For more information, checkout their website here.