You Can Get 10 Cent Chicken Wings Today

Happy National Wing Day

You Can Get 10 Cent Chicken Wings Today


Tomorrow is National Wing Day. Chicken wings smothered in delicious sauce, what is there not to love.

Start your celebrations early and have a party in your mouth and wallet with the Bavarian Bier Café. 

They are selling 10 CENT WINGS. This is not a typo. 10 CENT WINGS. Cheap as CHICKEN WINGS.

That’s 10 for one buck, 100 for $10, 500 for a fifty.

What a time to be alive.

It’s on tonight from 5pm – 6pm so your dinner is all organised thanks to the legends at the Bavarian.  

If you can’t make tonight drop by tomorrow or Sunday at lunchtime for half a kilo of wingy goodness + 300ml beer for $20.

If there is one thing that the Bavarian does good, its beer.

I highly recommend their mango drop. Refreshingly mangoey.

And while I’m at it don’t miss out on one of their warm, soft bredzels. In fact their whole menu is epically good.

But back to wings…fancy yourself a bit of competition?

Get involved in their Wing-Eating Challenge. 

Entry costs $10 and that will buy you 20 HOT chicken wings.

To win just finish them first clean to the bone and you will take home a $250 dining voucher and glory of Wing Champion.