Will Your Suburb Be Without Power This Weekend?

You could be without air conditioning.

Will Your Suburb Be Without Power This Weekend?

Image: BOM

Parts of NSW are being warned about power outages and blackouts during this weekend’s heatwave.

The warning, issued by the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) comes just after 40,000 consumers in South Australia had their power cut after temperatures exceeded 40 degrees.

The spike in demand over the weekend, likely due to an increased usage of air conditioning and fan units, means that pressure will be put on energy supplies resulting in possible power shortages.

In a statement, AEMO said they were “continuing to carefully manage the power system during this period of high temperatures and high demand.”

The suburbs which will reach the highest temperatures over the weekend include Hay and Ivanhoe, with temperatures in Sydney’s west hitting a top of 45 degrees.