These Mardi Gras Beverages Will Help You Party With Pride In Sydney

It's party time!

These Mardi Gras Beverages Will Help You Party With Pride In Sydney Absolut/ Sparkke

We are all ready to kick things off this weekend with Mardi Gras and naturally Australia will be celebrating hard, because we are still rejoicing in our Yes vote. 

Thankfully, these goodies will help us party with pride even more! 

No matter what your plans are for Mardi Gras, you are covered, whether you’re a cocktail man or a cider woman, there’s something to suit everyone, all the while celebrating Mardi Gras values of love, confidence and a good time. 

These Mardi Gras beverages are all you need to get ready for one of the biggest parties of the year

Absolut Limited Edition Rainbow

As the official spirit partner of the 2018 Mardi Gras, it’s no surprise that Absolut are at the top of the list with their Limited Edition Rainbow Vodka. After supporting equality for over 40 years, Absolut have released a commemorative bottle that gloriously boasts the world renowned rainbow pride flag. A one litre bottle of this little beauty is available around the Oxford St precinct for $49, and is sure to have you spreading the love this Mardi Gras.

Gayle Beer

Gayle Beer is a brewing company that has equality, diversity and acceptance at its very heart. Selling both cider and ale, they are Australia’s only independently owned gay brewing company and aim to spread their messages of love and equality.

With this in mind, Gayle Beer have been dedicated to supporting the LGBTQI+ community and donate a portion of their profits back.

You can buy a case of beer from their website here for $106.50.



Sparkke Marriage Equality Can

Sparkke has been a company consistently at the forefront of social change, with same sex rights being no different. They have created a “Say I Do” can in support and celebration of marriage equality. It’s not only delicious, perfectly sized and nicely packaged, but it encourages equality and diversity.

You can purchase a 4-pack from their website here for $35.

Love 2

Love 2 is a beer that was created by The Good Beer Co. and the Bright Brewery in support of same sex marriage and alliance with the LGBTQI+ community. Though the vote has already passed with flying colours, the beer is still available for purchase so you can continue sharing it’s positive message.

You can buy a case for $100 from The Bright Brewery.

Be safe out there fam.