These Brand New Shoes Are The Future Of Race Day

Say hello to The Unpredictaheel

These Brand New Shoes Are The Future Of Race Day Supplied

It is no secret that technology is literally taking over our lives, and now it is about to take over our outfits and we are not complaining.

Wearable tech is coming to the Sydney Spring Carnival like never before, with a world-first shoe designed for the diverse activities a day at the races brings. 

With a little help from shoe designer to the stars, Kira Goodey, the Australian Turf Club commissioned The Unpredictaheel after asking racing enthusiasts what features they’d want in a racing shoe if their wildest dreams could be realised.

The result is a world-first shoe with eight features that effortlessly accommodate the diverse and unexpected possibilities a day at Sydney Spring Carnival may bring, from racing and style, to hospitality and entertainment.

Everything except helping the wearer predict the winning horse has been built in, including RaceAlert heels that vibrate two minutes before each race starts, and ViewBoost that raises the height of the wearer to get a better view of the action. And when the day finally comes to an end, click your heels three times like Dorothy and the Tap&Go feature will book your ride home. 

Literally that would be a saviour at the end of the day!

The Unpredictaheel will be put to the test on four Carnival days, Colgate Optic White Stakes Day, TAB Epsom Day, Moët & Chandon Spring Champion Stakes Day and The Everest Race Day, with E! Australia host Ksenija Lukich launching the shoe on 16 September at Colgate Optic White Stakes Day.

Designed and hand made in her London studio, these are some of bespoke shoe maker Kira Goodey’s most outrageous creations yet. “There’s a lot of different things you can do at the races so we’ve tried to make the shoes appropriate for all the different activities,” says Kira.

The Unpredictaheel features include: 

  • DanceSupport - Padding to keep wearer comfortable while dancing in the marquee
  • StyleSwitch - Switchable coloured and textured panels for different race looks
  • BetGuide - Directions to the betting ring via left/right turn pulsing notifications in each heel
  • ViewBoost - Raises the height of the wearer to get a better view of the action
  • TrackProof - Thick heel allowing wearer to walk effortlessly across grass
  • RaceAlert - Vibrating heels that alert the wearer two minutes before each race starts
  • Kick&Pay - Pay with a flick of the heel thanks to a built-in NFC chip
  • Tap&Go - Click your heels three times to book your ride home

For more information on Sydney Spring Carnival, visit here

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