These Are The Best Hot Dogs In Sydney

Because they are the rage ATM.

These Are The Best Hot Dogs In Sydney

Image Credit:snagstand Instagram 

July 19th is all the more reason to infect all of your socials with that guy because it’s National Hot Dog Day.


The humble hot dog originates back to the 13th century in Germany. Their Kings would celebrate coronation with a party and chow down on hot dogs. Great idea!

Let us bow down and hail the mighty sausage, lovingly wrapped with a fluffy bun topped with whatever your taste buns fancy.

We reckon you will be onto a ‘wiener’ with this list of some of Sydney’s best:



Go with an empty stomach because you will want to try every single flavour.

The epic choices include Cheesy Kranksy, Wagyu Beef, Argentinian Chorizo, Pork and Fennel, Smoked Chicken Chorizo and Vegan Dogs.

Why not try something a little different as they celebrate Bastille Day with their limited edition ‘French Bulldog’ = Duck, Cherry & Thyme Sausage #duckingdelicious…Drizzled in Foi Gras, Truffle Mayo, Madeira Onion Marmalade and Roquette. Oui s’il vous plait (that’s French for YES PLEASE)

Get dogged: 30 The Corso, Manly




For your Hot Dog fix with a Mexican Twist get to this institute.

Brace yourself for the El Loco Hot Dog – a House Made Frank, Pico de Gallo, Mustard, Relish, Jalapenos, Mayo and Queso Fresco on a soft hot dog bun or crack onto the Chilli Dog with Spicy Pit Beans.

Your mouth will be partying with all of the flavours. Your dog’s come with crispy shoestring fries and it would be rude not to wash it down with an ice cold margarita.

Get dogged: 64 Foveaux St, Sydney



Because a Hot Dog doesn’t already have enough flavour with the sausage, toppings and sauce.

Add to it crispy pork crackling. YES. It’s a thing and you must try it. Can’t be bothered to up off the couch? You can order on Uber Eats and Deliveroo.

Get dogged: 155 Oxford St, Darlinghurst



Harrys is as iconic as the Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge.

70 years ago the legend that is Harry Edwards opened a caravan café near the front gates of the Woolloomooloo naval dock and begun feeding hungry sailors, soldiers and cabbies.

This store still stands, and his legacy has spread across the land with stores across Australia.

Take your pick of four dogs: Plain, Chili, Harry’s Cheese Dog or The Hot Dog de Wheels = A Continental Viennese Smoked Frank, Mushy Peas, Chili con Carne, Garlic Onions with Cheese and Chilli Sauce. No wonder this is the House Special. I’ll take ten. Thanks.



Having been lucky enough to go to NYC and taste a few of Nathan’s Famous hotdogs, I know why they are famous.

They don’t try and do anything fancy, they just make delicious simple dogs!

Now you don’t have to travel 20 hours by plane to experience it with three locations in Sydney. Made with 100% Aussie beef top yours with cheese, chilli beef or why not have both.

Get dogged: Macarthur Square (just down from New Coles), Westfield Parramatta or in Wetherill Park at The Promenade just outside of Timezone.



The genius’ behind this joint are fifth generation Artesian Butchers so they know how to do meat good.

Hand-crafted, wood-smoked and packed with flavour it’ll be the ‘best bloody snag you’ve ever had’. Their words, and I agree.

The worst part about this place is trying to pick which one to eat!!!!! From the simple American Classic to Chicken and Rocket, Spicy Spanish Chorizo, Waygu Beef, Spice Mexican Chipotle (V) and so much more. One visit to the Snag Stand is not enough.

Get dogged: Westfield Centrepoint and the Macquarie Centre


Go get dogged, Sydney.