These Are The 10 Most Violent Venues In New South Wales

The list has almost doubled...

These Are The 10 Most Violent Venues In New South Wales

The NSW Government has released an update to the state’s most violent venues and the list has increased from 8 to 15 venues.

Over the last year, Ivy tops the list with 36 assaults.

Number two on the list is Home Nightclub located in Darling Harbour.

After the list was released, Merivale the company which owns Ivy, hit back at the claims stating that the list unfairly punishes larger establishments. 

An Ivy spokesperson has told The Daily Telegraph, “We agree with the police and healthcare professionals – one event is one too many – but we also take issue with the way the statistics are compiled and presented.”

Adding, “It’s time for a sensible discussion to ensure we are all tracking and responding to meaningful data. Ivy has the highest visitations of any licensed venue in NSW, with around two million patrons per year.”

The 10 most violent venues are:

  1. Ivy in Sydney (36 assaults)
  2. Home Nightclub in Sydney (17 assaults)
  3. PJ’s Irish Pub in Parramatta (16 assaults)
  4. Sydney Junction Hotel in Hamilton (16 assaults)
  5. The Sunken Monkey Hotel in Erina (16 assaults)
  6. The Eastern in Bondi Junction (14 assaults)
  7. The Grand Hotel in Wollongong (14 assaults)
  8. Northies in Cronulla (13 assaults)
  9. Pontoon Bar in Sydney (13 assaults)
  10. The Bridge Hotel in Pyrmont (13 assaults)