The Least-Fun City In Australia Has Been Revealed And We’re Not Happy


The Least-Fun City In Australia Has Been Revealed And We’re Not Happy

Time Out have polled over 20,000 people for their first ‘Global Cities Index’ to determine the top dynamic, social cities across the world… and the results have us Sydneysiders pretty disappointed.

The results for Sydney were pretty disappointing. Apparently it’s one of the least-fun places to live, coming in at number 16 on a list of 18 cities.. Only those in Dubai and Kuala Lumpur have less fun than us. And of course Melbourne beat us, coming in at number two. OF COURSE. 

Those polled were asked 81 questions, including how safe they felt in their city and how often they saw live music. The results were based on the following factors:

  • Dynamism – how vibrant and exciting life there feels
  • Inspiration – whether the city feels like a pleasant or difficult place to live
  • Food & Drink – if the city is somewhere you can eat well (and not too expensively!)
  • Community – whether local neighbourhoods were rated highly
  • Sociability – whether the city felt welcoming or isolating
  • Affordability – whether people could generally get by OK

It’s not all bad news though. According to the survey, Sydneysiders like to go hard. We’re one of the world’s top cities for hangovers AND one night stands. We’re pretty high up on the list of affairs with co-workers, too. Eeeeeek.