Teenagers Reportedly Terrorising Others At Narrabeen Lagoon

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Teenagers Reportedly Terrorising Others At Narrabeen Lagoon

Image: Instagram / @rebekahjaay

Teenagers in tinnies are allegedly going out of their way to terrorise kayakers and paddleboarders in the Narrabeen Lagoon area, and the people are fed up.

Sam Williams, the owner of Jamieson Park Paddle, said she had received a number of complaints regarding young men deliberately spraying her clients with water.

Apparently, they have been towing surfboards behind their boats despite the ban on towing in the area as well as breaking the local speed limit of eight knots.

Earlier this month, Ms Williams was so frustrated with the teens she ripped out the fuel line of the boat ridden by one group.

“The biggest problem is the fact that the kids believe they can go out there on the boats because nobody does anything about it. Even when the police come down, they don’t get fined or cautioned or anything, so they are just back out there the next day,” she said.


Ms Williams did admit that her actions were “absolutely the wrong thing to do."

“There were words exchanged and they explained that they were going to keep doing it for the rest of the day and there was nothing I could do about it, so I kindly removed their fuel line for them so that they couldn’t do it anymore.”

She then called the police to explain what had happened and asked them to attend to the situation before tensions rose.

A spokeswoman from the police said officers often attend Narrabeen Lagoon in conjunction with Roads and Maritime Services.

"Police have deployed jet skis on the lake to assist in enforcing legislation, which has aided police in monitoring the water over the last 12 months,” she said.

"A number of infringement notices relating to breaches of the Marine Safety Act and not carrying proper safety equipment have and will continue to be issued to those not adhering to the conditions of the water.”

Police have urged everyone in the area to adhere to the speed limit and wear life jackets.