Teen Bashed At Western Sydney Shopping Centre

Third time this year.

Teen Bashed At Western Sydney Shopping Centre @MrLesThomson

A 16-year-old boy has been charged with assault occasioning actual bodily harm after a disabled 15-year-old was bashed at Blacktown Westpoint shopping centre.

According to a report by the Daily Telegraph, it's the third time in under 12 months that the autistic child has been targeted, with the most recent incident happening in early August while he waited for a bus outside the Westpoint cinema.

It is understood that there is smartphone footage of the incident, showing him being punched by another teenager before another person attacks him. The 15-year-old fell and cracked his head on the bench.

He spent two days in hospital, and later had to be readmitted due to fainting and seizures.

NSW Police told Hit that officers in the area are actively working to reduce safety concerns in the area.

"Officers from Blacktown Local Area Command regularly conduct high visibility patrols, including bike patrols, of major infrastructure including shopping centres and the railway station," a police spokesperson said.

"Local police also run a weekly operation targeting these areas, as well as other key locations within the Blacktown CBD.

"Police work closely with stakeholders, including businesses and members of the public, to ensure the safety of the community."