Taco Bell Might Be Coming To Sydney By The End Of The Year


Taco Bell Might Be Coming To Sydney By The End Of The Year Taco Bell Instagram

Let’s be honest, fast food really speaks to our soul and there is nothing that speaks to our soul more than Tacos.

It’s no secret that Taco Bell is one of the best and we are dying to get our hands on some!

Thankfully for us, Taco Bell could be coming to Sydney sooner than we thought.

They recently opened a test store in Annerley, Brisbane, and now they have big plans to expand across Australia within the next few months after receiving positive feedback!

This will be the third time that Taco Bell will have attempted to break into the Australian fast food market.


Graham Maxwell, Chief executive of the parent company Collins Foods, recently stated, “We are pleased with the acceptance of the Taco Bell brand by Australian consumers…We have entered an exciting new phase with the successful launch of our first Taco Bell restaurant, with further restaurants to follow over the next 12 months.”

It's believed that the new Taco Bell stores will be opened by the end of the year.


Parent company Collins Foods, also owns 28 Aussie KFC restaurants and the 13 remaining Sizzler in the country, we could soon be seeing our last sizzlers be turned into Taco Bells!

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