Sydney-Siders Says Bondi Is Our Most Over-Rated Suburb

The people have spoken:

Sydney-Siders Says Bondi Is Our Most Over-Rated Suburb Pixabay

Sydney has spoken – and Bondi is the most over-rated suburb in the harbour suburb.

Time Out have released their City Live Index for 2018 after surveying more than 15,000 city-dwellers across the globe.

The findings suggest 33 per cent of people think Bondi, Bondi Beach or Bondi junction were the most over-rated suburbs in the city.

You said it’s “Full of wankers and superficial elite”, “seriously not worth the money or the attitude”, “aesthetically lame, culturally numb” and “everyone is there to show off their body with their green super smoothies and activewear”.

While our mates in Melbourne did fare a little better than us – taking out the top happiest city in the world – Chicago was handed the ultimate accolade as the “World’s Most Exciting City”.

Overall, Melbourne came fourth in the list of Most Exciting Cities, while Sydney took out the 28th ranking.