Sydney’s Weather Today Is Gonna Be A Freaking Scorcher

Temps to soar to over 35C

Sydney’s Weather Today Is Gonna Be A Freaking Scorcher

Just when we thought we were getting a cool change after yesterday's hot weather… brace yourselves fam, because today is gonna be hot AF!

Today we are expected to see temps peak to 35 degrees in the city and Bondi!

Out west near Richmond and Penrith, temps will hit a top of 36 degrees.

Thankfully, for those of us who don’t like the heat, it won’t stick around… tomorrow, we will see the temperature drop 14 degrees!

A cold front drifting through the state towards the South West will bring in a chance of shower in the city and some thunderstorms. 

Wednesday and Thursday are predicted to be sunny and partly cloudy, with temperatures of 23 degrees.

The hot summer like conditions have prompted fire bans across the state.



  • Sydney–35
  • Penrith–36
  • Liverpool–35
  • Terrey Hills–33
  • Richmond–36
  • Parramatta–35
  • Campbelltown–34
  • Bondi–35

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