Sydney Biohacker Called 'Meow' Has Implanted Opal Card Cancelled

He's contesting in court

Sydney Biohacker Called 'Meow' Has Implanted Opal Card Cancelled Image: Seven News

A Sydney “biohacker” who infamously had his Opal card chip inserted into his hand wants to take Transport NSW to court after they cancelled his card.

Meow Ludo Disco Gamma Meow Meow told Seven News he now wants to contest a fine he received for travelling without a valid ticket - and yes that’s his legal name.

"There are a lot of people studying this now as one of the first cyborg rights cases in the world," he said.

"Do I own technology that's in my body, even if another company wants to licence it to me? And how far do their rights extend?"

While Meow says he’s “looking forward to seeing Transport NSW in court”, for now he’s going to just have to buy a ticket the normal way like the rest of us.

Last July, it was revealed Meow had worked with a US lab called Dangerous Things to develop the technology, which at the time synced up to his smart phone.

Like any regular commuter, he was able to "swipe" using the bio-compatible plastic by placing the Opal near-field communication (NFC) chip under his skin, which measured one millimetre by six millimetres.