Summer Is Coming Early To Sydney This Week

Prepare for a beach day

Summer Is Coming Early To Sydney This Week

It’s time to put away those winter woollies… we are getting a very early taste of summer!

This week we are set to be hit with record-breaking temps for September with Tuesday and Wednesday predicted to hit 28 degrees in the city and 33 degrees in the west.

Yes, literally 33 degrees in the west. Last week we were still in our ugg boots. 

The minimum temp for Tuesday will be 14 degrees, which is massive six degrees above average morning temperatures for this time of the year.

Sadly, with the heat, the winds will also come too… while they won’t be as strong as they have been within the last month, they are still expected to peak at roughly 45 kilometres hour. 

It will be enough to stop back burning for a few days until the heat calms down.


On Wednesday afternoon, a cold change is set to come through with the possibility of some rain.

The rest of this week is expected be around the mid-20s and will be mostly sunny, with the winds to continue to Thursday.

We can’t keep up with this weather.



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