Strict New Standards To Apply To NSW Teaching Graduates

"Necessary" new standards

Strict New Standards To Apply To NSW Teaching Graduates

Tough new standards are being introduced in NSW for teaching graduates, who will now need a credit average in their degree to be able to apply for a job in the state's public schools.

Graduates will also have to demonstrate a commitment to the values of public education, and show they have superior emotional and cognitive intelligence, to ensure only the best teachers are being hired.

People who complete an undergraduate teaching degree entirely online will be considered less favourable, unless they live in remote areas or face personal circumstances which make an online course the only practical option.

The new standards will apply to students who begin their degree next year.

"As the largest employer of teachers in the state, the NSW government is passionate about ensuring that only the very best graduates end up in the public school system," Education Minister Rob Stokes said in a statement on Monday.

The NSW Teachers Federation said the new standards were "necessary", noting they've long had concerns universities accepting low-scoring students and treating courses as "cash cows".

"These new benchmarks announced today clearly signal that at the point of employment, at least, NSW public schools will not employ graduates with a low academic performance," president Maurie Mulheron said in a statement.