Safety Concerns Fuel Sydney Opera House Ban On Bicycles

New rules are already in place

Safety Concerns Fuel Sydney Opera House Ban On Bicycles Image: Pexels

Pedestrian safety is said to be the main reason behind a ban on non-motorised bicycles in and around the Sydney Opera House.

With over 10,000 visitors every day, Sydney Opera House CEO Louise Herron confirmed the decision in a letter to City of Sydney CEO Monica Barone, which mirror similar council by-laws in place at the Royal Botanic Gardens, the Daily Telegraph reports.

“As safety of patrons and visitors is our top priority, we are implementing some changes to reduce the risk of injury on site and provide a pedestrian-friendly experience,” Herron wrote.

As of last Monday, people will also be asked to dismount from scooters, skateboards and segue ways when they reach the vicinity of the venue.

While a Sydney Opera House spokeswoman said there was “no intention to apply any formal penalties”, staff would inform guests of the new rules, which fall under the Sydney Opera House Trust By-Law 2015.

“Opera House staff will let visitors know about the new rules and ask people to walk, carry or park their non-motorised vehicle,” they told Mail Online.

“They will also direct people to on-site facilities to safely park their bike or scooter while they enjoy their visit.

“Our visitors and patrons include children and older people, who are more at risk from incidents with non-motorised vehicles.”

Bicycle Network's NSW Public Affairs manager Bastien Wallace said there were currently 60 spots to park your bike located at the Opera House.

“We should be encouraging more people to ride to the Sydney Opera House, rather than threatening them with fines and pushing people toward crowded trains and expensive car parks.”