Residents Who Complained About WestConnex Noise Sent Ear Plugs

St Peters and Haberfield area

Residents Who Complained About WestConnex Noise Sent Ear Plugs

Residents who have been disturbed by the WestConnex construction noise have been sent ear plugs in an attempt to combat the disruption caused by the project.

This comes after people in St Peters and Haberfield complained after being kept awake by loud machinery overnight.

After lodging the complaint, a reply was sent from the construction group containing a letter, according to the Daily Telegraph, claiming that the noise was 'not that bad' and a plastic bag with some ear plugs.

Inner West Council mayor Darcy Byrne expressed his outrage on a Facebook post.

"You won't believe this, these are the earplugs the tortured residents of Haberfield & St Peters are being sent by the NSW Government to block out the 24 hour noise pollution many of them are suffering from the construction of Westconnex," the post said.

"This is an insulting bandaid solution to the Government's blatant and deliberate infringement on the rights of the people of the Inner West.

"That's why I am announcing our new proposal to establish a legal curfew on night works from contractors and state utility companies building Westconnex. 

"Aircraft are banned from flying from 11:00pm - 6:00am because of their impact on people's sleep and health. Why shouldn't the State Government be prohibited from drilling outside your bedroom window while you are sleeping? 

"Please LET ME KNOW if you have been experiencing any of these terrible impacts."