Price Jump In Opal Fares

Have you noticed a change?

Price Jump In Opal Fares

There's been an increase in public transport fares in the last year, with a 10 per cent rise documented since changes to the system.

A restructure of fares has resulted in commuters paying more to travel since September 2016, according to figures obtained by under freedom of information laws.

According to reports, the government collected almost $30 million a week for a period in November 2017.

The average fare rose 10 per cent from $2.16 to $2.37, and there was also a switch from free travel after eight paid journeys to half-fare prices.

Following a shocking week of public transport in Sydney, it was confirmed by the government that no fare refunds would be issued, despite extensive delays and service cancellations.

Chaos is also predicted for Monday next week, with a similar staff shortage expected to disrupt regular travel.