Police Praise Father Who Saved Girl From Burning House

Threw her from second storey window

Police Praise Father Who Saved Girl From Burning House 9 News

Police have praised the efforts of a father who saved his eight-year-old daughter from a house fire in Marsfield yesterday.

The 42-year-old man threw the girl from the second-storey window to safety, with him and his 37-year-old wife sustaining burns to 70 per cent of their bodies in the blaze.

The fire broke out at 4pm yesterday, with 10 emergency trucks rushing to the Zanco Road house.

“We have information from witnesses that the father has run upstairs, grabbed the eight-year-old daughter and thrown her from the window, saving her from the effects of the fire,” Inspector Alison Curtis said.

“I think it’s incredibly brave. Coming up to Easter, it is a reminder for all families to check their smoke alarms and to make sure to keep close to you near and dear.”

The parents were taken to Royal North Shore Hospital where they remain in a critical condition.

The girl is recovering at Westmead Children's Hospital with minor cuts on her arms.

Another male was also at the scene, and was treated for smoke inhalation.