Missing Pug ‘Egg’ Has Died According To Police

This is so sad!

Missing Pug ‘Egg’ Has Died According To Police

After mysteriously disappearing, a 14-week-old puppy named Egg has reportedly died at his owner’s home, according to NSW Police.

This comes after his owner, a 29-year-old man claimed Egg was stolen during an armed robbery at Sydney Olympic Park. He said he was walking the puppy when he was confronted by three men who were armed with knives. The owner was since charged with making a false report to police – AKA, he made it all up.

Since then, police appealed to the public to keep a lookout for Egg.

On Thursday afternoon, police from the Flemington Local Area said Egg “was not stolen, but died at the owner’s home and his body disposed of.”

No further details were known about cause of death, where the body was disposed or why the owner of the dog made a false report in the first place.