If You’re Looking For The Perfect Wedding Venue In Sydney… Look No Further Than Luna Park

So magical

It is pretty well known that planning a wedding isn’t exactly on the easy side of things….

But thankfully we have places like Luna Park Sydney who can save the day.

Who doesn't love romance and fun?


Your wedding at Luna Park could combine all the fun of the park with the romance of Sydney Harbour!

Luna Park, as a beautifully restored fun park, is the perfect location to build a lifetime of memories offering the breathtaking backdrop of Sydney Harbour with the iconic Harbour Bridge and Opera House.

Tbh, there really isn't anything better. 


Imagine all those wedding photos though.

And well, you can’t go past this...they also have a one-of-a-kind ‘Brides on Rides’ experience, which is exclusively reserved for weddings held at Luna Park to ensure unforgettable memories can be captured on film! 

Their location offers state of the art venues that can suit every size wedding... we are talking from small and intimate, to large grand scale celebrations! 

You can even have the unique opportunity to arrive and depart your wedding venue via Sydney Harbour on board a privately chartered vessel.

Very few venues in Sydney are able to offer this experience.


Let Luna Park Weddings create an unforgettable wedding day for you, for more information checkout their website here.


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