Hundreds Of Bats 'Boil' After Extreme Heat

More than 200 found dead

Hundreds Of Bats 'Boil' After Extreme Heat WIRES Facebook

Hundreds of bats have died following the extreme temperatures on the weekend.

Dead bats were found scattered on the ground and hanging from trees in Campbelltown, with a colony of bats near the train station collected by WIRES.

It is estimated that 204 dead bats were found, and most of those were babies.

It reached a whopping 44.2C in Campbelltown on Sunday, with temperatures over 42C considered to be fatal to bats.

“They basically boil,” Campbelltown colony manager Kate Ryan said.

“It affects their brain – their brain just fries and they become incoherent. 

“It would be like standing in the middle of a sandpit with no shade.”