HSC Overhaul

Focus On Being Job Ready

HSC Overhaul

The HSC is getting its biggest shake-up in nearly 20 years, with a new syllabus revealed today by Education bosses.

Released by the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) the overhaul aims to give New South Wales students the skills they need after they leave school, for further study, work and life.

English, maths, science and history have all been changed, and has been given the thumbs up after feedback from thousands of teachers and staff across the state.

NESA Chief Executive Officer David de Carvalho said, ‘The strength of the NSW syllabuses and the world-class reputation of the HSC rests on extensive consultation with the education community, including support and input from principals, teachers, academics and parents.’

The syllabuses are designed to equip NSW students with the skills they will require after they leave school, for further study, work and life,Mr de Carvalho said.

We'll see classical works such as Shakespeare make a return to the classroom, with emphasis given to writing skills, grammar, punctuation and sentence structure.

While the focus for maths will be on skills like applying technology, financial concepts and statistics.