How To Minimise Your Power

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How To Minimise Your Power

Sydney scorchers today and into the weekend, we're be urged to keep our power usage to a minimum to avoid any blackouts. 

Electricity usage is expected to peak between 4:30pm and 6:30pm on Friday as workers return home and blast the air-con in a bid to keep cool. 

NSW Energy Minister Don Harwin says the state's power grid will be working overdrive. 

"We've really got an unprecedented level of demand, in fact it is the highest demand on the electricity system ever, today."

"It's thing like, if your telly's on standby or you've got other things plugged in into the power with the power on but you're not using them, switch it off. 

"You'd be surprised the money you can save on your bills just doing that everyday let a long on a day like today."

A blackout isn't such a far fetched concern.

As the heatwave swept through South Australia on Wednesday, 90,000 properties were deliberately cut from the power grid in what's called 'load shedding,' when there's not enough supply to meet demand. 

Apart from unplugging unused electrical items, Sydneysiders are also being urged to set air-conditioners to 26 degrees and raising fridge temperatures.