Hogwarts Is Coming To Life In Newcastle!


Hogwarts Is Coming To Life In Newcastle! Hog Watts

Okay fam, it is time to grab your wands because you’re about to be hit with some magic!

A magical world is about to appear at 48 Watt Street in Newcastle where life at Hog Watts can be more than in your imagination.

Talk about a dream come true! 


The fun doesn't stop there... some of the most loved professors and lords will be your hosts.

All Hog Watts students will be granted permission to wander in Diagon Alley, dine in the Great Hall with fellow housemates and rock on at the Yule Ball afterwards.

Impersonators wearing robes, ball gowns, school uniforms and other costumes are welcomed and encouraged, earning house points for costume creativity!

The magic of Hog Watts isn’t limited to children, they are also hosting over 18’s events as well as family timeslots.

Your time at Hog Watts will begin with the sorting into houses…which tbh, is probably one of the most important things!

You must choose your house when you buy your ticket, so start thinking.

Each house has a memorable history and qualities that define those within it.

Hesitate and you may find yourself in the wrong house.

Do NOT want.



Over 18’s tickets are still available, but make sure you are fast! 

Check out their website here

Hog Watts

When: 13-22 July, 2018.

Where: 48 Watt Street, Newcastle

Price: $100pp 

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