HelloFresh Has Made Me Feel Like A Freaking Celebrity Chef!

Move over MKR

HelloFresh Has Made Me Feel Like A Freaking Celebrity Chef!

Hi, I’m Lindsay, and I can’t cook. Well, I can make a mean toastie, but I don’t consider that “cooking”. 

Last week however my world changed when I went from being a time-poor adult with no kitchen skills, to being confident in the kitchen, all thanks to HelloFresh.

I trialled their new Gourmet meal-kits and let me tell you – I FEEL LIKE A FREAKING CELEBRITY CHEF!

Before I start drooling over my keyboard remembering how delicious the meals were, let’s take it back to the start of the week:

  • I was already ahead by saving precious time by NOT going to the shops and ordering our meals online (I also saved the stress of working out what to cook!)
  • It was delivered straight to my door, and I even got a text message to say it was there safe and sound
  • All the ingredients were packed up and colour coded to align with the meal recipe cards (which were ridiculously easy to follow, even for a cooking-n00b like myself)

My husband is pretty handy in the kitchen and does all the cooking, so it’s understandable he was more than a bit suss when I told him I had it covered for the week. Lucky for me HelloFresh is basically foolproof and I nailed every single meal... and now there is no turning back, this is my life now.

Check it out...

Drool-worthy, gourmet perfection.

And when I posted this one to Insta, my DM’s were full of friends with food-envy – success!

So let it be known, thanks to HelloFresh I can now create delicious, easy, gourmet inspired meals that put my toasties to shame. Sorry toasties.

For more info, check out their website here

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