Fears NSW Buildings Contain Flammable Cladding

There will be safety checks

Fears  NSW Buildings Contain Flammable Cladding

There's fears up to 1,100 residential and commercial buildings across New South Wales contain potentially flammable cladding.

An investigation was launched in Australia after the deadly London tower inferno.

The Minister for Regulation, Matt Kean today announced it is unclear as to which buildings may be unsafe but said property owners have been asked to undertake inspections.

"It's important to remember that not all cladding is bad," Mr Kean said.

While affected building owners will receive letters to get safety checks, the Minister has urged people not to wait for the government to act.

"If you think you're living in an unsafe building then report it immediately to your local council or get a fire safety inspection," he said.

"It's a small price to pay to have peace of mind," Mr Kean said.

The revelation came as the Minister was announcing the government's new 10-point-plan fire safety reforms, in response to last month's Grenfell Tower disaster.

The reforms include making sure unsafe building materials are taken off the shelves.

He said they are the toughest building reforms the country has seen.