Crap Weather On Its Way Sydney

Go Buy Yourself A Back-up Brolly

Crap Weather On Its Way Sydney

Sydney is bracing itself for a week-end of bad weather that will feature a month's worth of rain in just three days.

Forecasters are predicting possible showers tomorrow before a very wet day on Friday that could see up to 20mm of rain.

"We are looking at a large scale rain event moving across many states affecting Sydney as well, so looking into Thursday a shower or two will develop but the main event for the rain will be Friday and Saturday"

"We are looking at the heaviest rain once again being focused on Sydney's south and more around to the Gosford and central coast areas as well towards the coastal side" 

Weatherzone's Kim Westcott also says " the good news is by Sunday those showers will clear and will have mostly a nice day by Sunday"

Two low pressure systems are to blame for the expected rain as the entire east coast waits for the drenching.

Further north some residents in tropical far north Queensland have been warned to expect more than 100mm of rain, but the joint systems are predicted to cover almost all of the state as well as NSW and Victoria from Thursday.

Northern parts of Tasmania also will get between 30mm and 50mm.