BREAKING: Owner Of ‘Egg’ The Pug Pleads Guilty

More details emerge.

BREAKING: Owner Of ‘Egg’ The Pug Pleads Guilty

There is a new development in the story of the fake robbery and abduction of ‘Egg’ the pug at Sydney Olympic Park.

The owner, Qiushi Xia, pleaded guilty to making up the whole story and revealed why he did it.

According to 7 news, it’s not the first time the owner and his girlfriend had a pug who passed away. A few months earlier, they owned a pug called Pepper who choked on a toy.

On the morning of the fake robbery, Qiushi panicked when he realised that Egg had choked on a treat. He decided to make up the story about being robbed at knifepoint and the abduction of his pet.

He also revealed that after Egg died, he dumped his body in Parramatta River. Qiushi told 7 News: “I didn’t want my girlfriend to find out that our dog is dead. This is the second dog that has been lost. I did attempt to cover up the fact that our dog died.”

He also apologised profusely for the waste of police resource.

The magistrate is considering sending him to jail.