Authorities Issue Air Quality Warning As Temperatures Soar In NSW

Stay safe and cool today.

Authorities Issue Air Quality Warning As Temperatures Soar In NSW

The latest weather warning to be issued by the Bureau of Meteorology NSW is important for all those who suffer from breathing difficulties.

BOM have been very busy these last few weeks with all sorts of weather warnings being issued across the state, from storms to heatwaves.

This weekend has certainly been a scorcher with temperatures expected to hit 40°C in Sydney and a total fire ban issued.

This morning, BOM also issued an alert rating the air quality in NSW as “POOR due to OZONE”.

HEALTH MESSAGE: Unhealthy for sensitive people, and could cause symptoms, especially in people with asthma and COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). Make sure you have your reliever medicine with you.



NSW Police also issued the following advice in order to stay cool and safe:

Everyone needs to take care in hot weather, but some people are at higher risk of heat illness, especially if they are older, live alone or are socially-isolated. Remember to;

Stay well-hydrated

Avoid alcohol and hot or sugary drinks

Limit your physical activity

Try to stay out of the sun during the hottest part of the day

Wear light, loose-fitting clothing made from natural fibres like cotton

Regularly check your forecasts from the Bureau of Meteorology on radio, TV, internet or App

Get advice from your doctor about whether your medication and/or your medical conditions may affect what you should do if it gets extremely hot

Make sure you know who you are going to call (who may need help, and who could provide help to you if needed); make a list of telephone numbers and make sure they are current.