Attention People Of Penrith…. You Need To Vote Tomorrow

and yeah you will probably get fined.

Attention People Of Penrith…. You Need To Vote Tomorrow

So it turns out that some of the state needs to vote tomorrow… and it also turns out that half of us had absolutely NO idea.

Penrith City Council will be holding a by-election on Saturday, 12 May 2018 to elect one candidate each for the East and South Wards of Council. Please see the Notice of Contested Election for the East and South Ward.

The Australian Election Company will be conducting the By-elections for Penrith City Council.

Comprehensive information on the conduct of this election can be found at the Australian Election Company’s website.

Voting in Local Government (Council) elections is compulsory for all electors included on the residential roll… so basically, you will get fined if you don’t.

All the following polling booths are open from 8am to 6pm on Saturday 12 May.

For all info, check out the Penrith City Council website here


  • Banks Public School, 182 – 194 Banks Drive, St Clair        
  • Bennett Road Public School, 100 – 114 Bennett Road, Colyton     
  • Blackwell Public School, 58 Blackwell Avenue, St Clair 
  • Clairgate Public School, 41 – 43 Colorado Drive, St Clair          
  • Claremont Meadows Public School, 124 – 164 Sunflower Drive, Claremont Meadows     
  • James Erskine Public School, 53 Peppertree Drive, Erskine Park     
  • Kemps Creek Public School, 100 Cross Street, Kemps Creek         
  • Kingswood Public School, 46 – 54 Second Avenue, Kingswood   
  • Orchard Hills Uniting Church (Mt Hope), Kingswood Road, Orchard Hills       
  • Oxley Park Public School, 114 – 130 Adelaide Street, St Marys 
  • Penrith Baptist Church (Caddens), Morello Terrace, Caddens      
  • Penrith PCYC, 100 Station Street, Penrith     
  • St Clair Public School, 4 Timesweep Drive, St Clair 
  • St Marys Memorial Hall,  Cnr Great Western Highway and Mamre Road, St Marys   
  • St Marys North Public School, 24 – 40 Willow Road, St Marys       
  • St Marys South Public School , 96 Monfarville Street, St Marys        


  • Emu Plains Public School, 13 – 17 Emerald Street, Emu Plains 
  • Fernhill Public School, 12 – 40 Ridgetop Drive,Glenmore Park
  • Glenmore Park High School   Glenmore Parkway, Glenmore Park
  • Glenmore Park Public School, 33 – 41 The Lakes Drive, Glenmore Park      
  • Jamison High School, 222 Evan Street, Penrith         
  • Jamisontown Public School, 1A Thurwood Avenue, Penrith South
  • Jamisontown Uniting, Church3 Stuart Street, Jamisontown
  • Kingswood South Public School, 60 – 68 Smith Street, Kingswood   
  • Leonay Public School, 13 – 24 Buring Avenue, Leonay         
  • Luddenham Public School, 24 Jamison Street, Luddenham         
  • Mulgoa Hall, Littlefields Road, Mulgoa      
  • Nepean High School, 115 – 119 Great Western Highway, Emu Plains       
  • Orchard Hills Uniting Church(Mt Hope)
  • Kingswood Road, Orchard Hills         
  • Penrith PCYC   100 Station Street, Penrith    
  • Penrith South Public School, 172 – 190 Jamison Road, Penrith South
  • Regentville Public School,  28 – 34 School House Road, Regentville       
  • St Marys Memorial Hall, Cnr Great Western Highway and Mamre Road, St Marys   
  • Wallacia Public School, 1585 Mulgoa Road, Wallacia