Boy Gets Grabbed At Shopping Centre

Man Faces Judge After Toilet Incident

Boy Gets Grabbed At Shopping Centre

A man will face the judge today after allegedly attempting to drag a young boy into a toilet cubicle at a shopping centre in south west Sydney.

The 12-year-oldwas in the public toilet in Bass Hill on Saturday night when he noticed a man in the cubicle, with the door wide open.

In a statement NSW police say the boy then tried to leave the toilets but the man "grabbed him by his waist and pulled
him into the cubicle" in an alleged attempted sexual assault.

The attacker hit the 12-year-old in the head during the ordeal, but the boy managed to escape when two other men entered the toilet and frightened the perpetrator.

A 46-year-old man attended Bankstown Police Station on Sunday evening and was charged with assault with intent to have sexual intercourse with children between 10-16.