A Pony Could Be Getting Evicted From Its Summer Hill Home

Council issues court notice

A Pony Could Be Getting Evicted From Its Summer Hill Home Image: Save The Summer Hill Pony/Facebook

A Sydney council is hoping an infamous pet pony will be told to trot along following a court date later this week.

An Inner West Council spokesperson said the animal’s owner Eric Findlay had disregarded a number of attempts over the last 18 months to remove Horse (yes that's the pony's name!) from its Summer Hill home, the Daily Telegraph reports.

“The owner has failed to comply with the order issued by the Land and Environment Court of NSW (and) — as a result of continued failure by the owner to comply with the order — council has commenced further court proceedings,” they said.

While no fines have been issued, the council hopes the hearing at the NSW Land and Environment Court on Friday will decide its fate once and for all.

“There have been many ongoing complaints over a number of years,” they added.

Horse has reportedly lived at the property since 2003 in a 2m x 4m enclosure.

While an RSPCA inspection found Horse was adequately cared for, RSPCA Chief Inspector David O’Shannessy said he “would not encourage people to keep animals in that manner”.

“The difficulty is there isn’t an enforceable specified minimum area in which a horse can be kept,” he said.

“Ideally, horses are running around in paddocks. From a companionship perspective, horses are herd animals that are more comfortable around other horses.”