A Peanut Butter Bar Is Opening In Sydney

They have gluten free options!

A Peanut Butter Bar Is Opening In Sydney Peanut Butter Bar

We don’t really know how we have gone so long without one of these in our lives… but finally a peanut butter bar is opening in Sydney!

Yup, an actual freaking bar dedicated to peanut butter!


While the details are quite small right now, what we do know is that there will be peanut butter drinks; peanut butter treats, peanut butter pudding, peanut butter cake, peanut butter EVERYTHING!


Each product will be made with natural nut butters, with no sugars or preservatives. So no need to feel bad!

Some of their menu items are also gluten free, so that is a win. 


A HIGH protein LOW sugar gelato, ummm yes please! 


The Peanut Butter Bar will open on Norton Street in Leichardt this Thursday, October 12. YESSSSS

So not too long to wait!

We have a feeling this place is gonna be the next hot spot for well… everyone!

Make sure you follow them on Insta for updates!


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