A New Road Rule Could Be Set In Place For NSW Drivers

On all roads, in all conditions

A New Road Rule Could Be Set In Place For NSW Drivers

NSW drivers could soon be facing a new road rule.

The state's volunteer fire-fighters have officially asked the government to create a new law that would require drivers to completely slow down to 40 km/h when passing ambulances, police cars and fire trucks that have stopped or slowed down to assist.

The rule will be set in place for all roads no matter what the speed limit is. 

Ken Middleton, president of the Rural Fire Service Association, recently revealed that the requested road rule already exists in Victoria and South Australia.

He told news.com.au, "This is just a fundamental protection that is afforded to tow truck drivers, to people alighting from school buses and for road workers who are working on our highways… What I would like to see in NSW is an education campaign for the public, and motorists being brought on board by the NRMA so that everyone understands the need for the legislation."

Mr Middleton is hoping to speak to the Labor Party in the coming weeks to put forward his proposal. 

Australian Paramedics Association and the NSW Police Association are already on board for the proposal.

Mr Middleton also stated that he had witnessed a secondary accident where a car hit a parked fire truck, killing the car passenger and which may have been avoided with the different rules set in place. 

He remembered, "At all times that fire truck was operating its blue lights… That's an example where someone has died and it could have been avoided. That could have been any truck any where, any accident."