A Café In Sydney Has An Actual Burger High Tea

With melted cheese

A Café In Sydney Has An Actual Burger High Tea The Hanging Ladder

It’s no secret they we all love some good food and we all love a high tea … and it really doesn’t get much better than this.

Take two of our fave things.. burgers and a high tea and mix them together and we basically have heaven in a room!

Say hello to The Hanging Ladder.


The café is located in Balmain in Sydney and they will soon become your local if they haven’t already.

They have created their own savoury greasy version of a high tea and we are living. 

Just think, fries, mac and cheese balls, burgers and onion rings all on one perfect plate.

You can also add melted cheese to the entire platter if that is what you’re in to.


The burger high tea platter is available for lunch or dinner and you can order to share between two, four and eleven people for just $30 per head. 


Or well tbh, you could just have it alone. We aren’t judging.

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