Two men arrested following incident on Seventh Street.

Both to appear in local court.

Two men arrested following incident on Seventh Street.

Mildura Police have arrested and charged two men, following an incident on Seventh Street.


At around 10.30 pm Friday evening, the two 23-year-olds were engaged in a verbal argument, when a male resident emerged from his home and asked the men to stop their noisy behaviour.


The incident reportedly escalated, with the two men jumping the fence and chasing the resident back into his home.


The two men allegedly kicked down the front door and entered the home, allegedly threatening the resident.


The victim reportedly armed himself with a baseball bat.


They reportedly fled the scene, with one man allegedly throwing a glass bottle at the victim.


The two were then arrested by Police a short while later.


Both of the men have been charged with aggravated burgulary, assault, and other related offenses.


One of the men has been remanded into custody, the other has been granted bail to appear in court at a later date.