"Opt out" Period open for My Health Record Scheme.

Accounts to be set up for Aussies.

"Opt out" Period open for My Health Record Scheme.

Health networks right across the country running a range of community engagement activities over the next few months, breaking down the benefits and features of the My Health Record.


The system sees key medical information put online in a one stop information shop, allowing medical practitioners to access your medical details.


The scheme looking to be introduced in a bid to help in the event of an emergency, with a rundown of any allergies and previous medical history.


All Australians are being offered to have a My Health Record created.



However, for those who wish to not be involved they can choose to opt out between now and the 15th of October 2018.


This period coming into play following privacy concerns, with some community members not liking the idea of handing over their medical information for the online data base.


National Rural Health Alliance CEO Mark Diamond says this personal information is critical because if someone is unconscious and there is not medical history, health professionals may not be able to provide lifesaving care.


To find out more about the scheme, click the link below!