Local News 7th June 2017

Mick Malthouse in Mildura today

Local News 7th June 2017

Mick Malthouse will be at LaTrobe University today, to discuss his extensive knowledge in leadership and team building to business owners.

Malthouse is known as a master of the AFL having been successful as both player and coach over several decades.

The event has been coordinated by the Sunraysia Football Netball League alongside La Trobe giving presidents and coaches from across the region an opportunity to pick the brain of one of the best in the business.

A separate evening session is will be open to the public, and focus on leadership and teambuilding relevant to a modern day workplace.

Head of Campus Mildura Doctor Deb Neal says the University's programs are an asset for the public.


A water resource plan has been released showcasing how Victoria will meet it's obligations to sustainably use and manage water resources in the Wimmera and Mallee region.

The scheme will be run under the Murray-Darling Basin Plan, and has been released for public comment.


A spotlight will be trained on Sunraysia with a crew from China Central Television showcasing the best fruit from around the region.

The program, Legend's of Fruits, will shine a light on the region's naval oranges, and will hope to capture the production process of one of our best products.

The program is set to be broadcast to over 140 million people later this year.


The Civil Aviation Safety Authority has made it easier for drone users to know where they can use the devices.

Knowing where and when you can use a drone is a complicated business so CASA has developed an app to clearly show drone "no fly" zones and "fly with caution" zones.

The "Can I Fly Here?" app is available now for download.

No Fly Zones, like those near airports, are displayed in red while "Fly with Caution" zones, like those around airstrips and helicopter landing areas, come up as orange for the drone enthusiast.

This is the first time an app's been developed to guide users through safety regulations.


And in sport:

The Winter A Grade comp of the Sunraysia Volleyball league will heat up for Round 7 tonight.

The Strikers are set to verse the Phantoms, with the Sevens ready to take on the Redbacks side.

100% Whale will take on Morristown, and it's a fruit faceoff with Coconut Pride taking on the Coconut Warriors.

Duty are gearing up to hit the court against Redbacks II.