Local News 6th February 2017

Possible showers & 27 today

Local News 6th February 2017

Roadsafe Mildura have ramped up calls to stop motorists using their mobile phones while driving.

Drivers urged to keep of mobiles including devices like smart watches and other electronics they say just taking our eyes off the road for 2 seconds doubles our crash risk.

The penalty for drivers caught using their mobile phone is a 466-dollar fine and the loss of 4 demerit points.

A recent Carp exclusion project has seen great results for local habitat and aquatic communities in the region.

Two temporary carp exclusion screens were put on the inlets of wetlands in the Wentworth area and by managing to keep out destructive carp water quality improved and the nursery habitat improved immensely.

Fisheries Manager at New South Wales DPI Fisheries Ian Ellis says carp are a major threat to developing nursery habitats.

Committee members are looking to raise funds to repair the road leading to Sunraysia's historic Psyche Pumps.

After rains led to the cancel of the first Psyche Pumps Running Day this year due to the slippery road surface they say the road desperately needs work with any signs of rain making it difficult to drive on.

The Sunraysia Daily reports members say a quote to turn the 1.9 kilometre Psyche Bend Road into a gravel surface would cost 300 thousand dollars.

A treatment for Ovarian cancer which usually costs $100 thousand dollars has been added to the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme.

Victoria's cancer council says 22 women in the Mallee will be diagnosed with ovarian cancer this year .

CEO of Ovarian Cancer Australia Jane Hill says all women need to stay vigilant and discuss concerns with their GP.

In local cricket.

Mildura East defeated Mildura Settler 223 to 111 runs.

A closer game between Merbein South and Coomealla Wentworth South declaring on 7 for 86 after taking over Coomealla Wentworth’s score of 80.